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Idaho 55th Battalion HQ

Welcome to the Idaho Light Foot 55th Battalion

Kootenai County

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55th Battalion Announcement


Announcement:                                                                                  December 11, 2016

To whom it may concern:
From this day forward the 17th (Bonner) & 55th (Kootenai) Bn. of the Idaho Light Foot Militia will remove themselves from the Light Foot Militia. We will now be known as the North Idaho Militia. This name change should not affect any of our current Militia members.

Why we are no longer part of the Light Foot Militia!

We, the members of the newly formed North Idaho Militia, believe the following information to be accurate and true. 

The Idaho Light Foot and the Light Foot Militia as a whole has been infiltrated and co-opted by the ‘Sovereign Citizens’ organizations known as Community Action Network (CAN) and the 4th Continental Congress (4thCC).

The ‘Sovereign Citizens’ movement can be characterized by its use of lawsuits to flood the legal system. And now they have convinced some Light Foot Militia units to file questionable lawsuits against the government. This is being done without the knowledge or participation of the Officers and general membership of the Light Foot Militia.   

CAN and 4thCC have declared command and control authority over ALL Light Foot Units nationwide. CAN and 4thCC have appointed compliant individuals and promoted them to  the rank of ‘Colonel’. Through these ‘Colonels’ they issue ‘orders’ and file questionable lawsuits against the government using the Light Foot as their ‘front’ group.

The Light Foot Militia was never conceived as being part of the ‘Sovereign Citizens’ movement and since our inception we have studiously avoided being linked with such ideology. The 4thCC and CAN have no interest in the Light Foot Militia, other than using them as a ‘front group’ from which they may launch their paper attacks on the government.

We urge all Light Foot Units to educate themselves about the 4thCC and CAN and their infiltration into the Light Foot Militia.

God Bless all of you and God Bless America. 

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