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Tactical Training Techniques
Last Post 13 Apr 2015 09:12 AM by SC Light Foot Militia - 51st Bn. 0 Replies.
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13 Apr 2015 09:12 AM
    I am going to start this discussion in hopes that some will follow suit and post different training techniques to help other units train for a combat environment. Training is a very broad subject, and depending on the environment, those techniques may differ. For example, prior to the gulf war, our armed forces trained for conventional warfare; whereas we we had large amounts of troops fighting against large amounts of troops in various terrains. However, the post Vietnam era has changed from conventional warfare toward mainly urban combat scenario; whereas we have specific units completing specific missions.

    That said, I would like to open this topic up to everyone here, while leaving the subject wide open to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of milsim training, CQB training and the pros and cons of doing CQB with milsim or live ammunition. It would help if we could post photos in these discussions, as I have several different techniques that are easily explained with pictures, as opposed to written explanations.

    For example,

    Loading a maximum of 5 rounds of ammunition in each magazine, while having at least 8 mags for each member, while calling out various targets (every targets is numbered differently) will create a stressful environment. Trying to find your targets quickly, while changing out your magazines within your work space frequently and often will build muscle memory. Eventually, with enough repetition, changing your mags and handling weapon malfunctions will become second nature, just as lacing your shoes is today.

    Milsim Training today: firing from the cover position, around objects, and hitting multiple targets from the ready position. Over and Over and Over.... Muscle memory makes for accuracy. 50 Targets and 2k Markers; this should be fun.

    Hope some of you would like to share some different techniques.
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